Little Yellow Cottage – Update 8

It was good to see George and Justin today in my front room. They were discussing the plans for my renovation over the next few weeks. I’m feeling good about this and look forward to revealing my original fireplace that’s currently hidden by one that was fitted in the 1970’s. There’ll also be some action … Read more

Little Yellow Cottage – Update 7

My Dear Whitby peeps, Last year, before I went into hibernation I told you about some of the things that I had witnessed before and into the First World War. I remembered the SS Rohilla and the rescue operation, not to mention the effects of the war on our wonderful Whitby community. I also explained … Read more

Little Yellow Cottage – Update 6

I have some great news – Planning Permission for the renovation work has been approved by the conservation people with a couple of minor restrictions so we’re all overjoyed and work will recommence as soon as it can be arranged. It’s been a long winter but at least my roof is watertight and it’s given … Read more